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Genre: Electronic

Debelah Morgan Bio

Debelah Morgan (born September 29, 1973, Detroit, Michigan) is an American singer and songwriter. Morgan is best known for her hit single "Dance with Me," off of her third album, which reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100." Morgan is one of the few recording artists in the world that is known for her extensive use of the whistle register.

Debelah Morgan started singing when she was eight years old as a result of listening to some classic gospel music. Andrae Crouch, The O’Neil Twins, Shirley Caesar, Jessie Dixon and gospel sensations The Mighty Clouds of Joy were among the names Morgan listed. Gospel singer Claire Lucket Moore (sister of the gospel group "Jackson Southernaires") attended her church and began working with her; developing a very creative gospel style. When she turned eleven her parents placed her with a classical voice teacher (Earlene Boyd) who taught her the foundations of great vocal technique and exposed her to Opera. At the age of fifteen Debelah received a scholarship to study with World renowned Opera singer Faye Robinson at the University of Arizona.

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