Bellefire Song Lyrics

Genre: Pop

Bellefire Bio

Bellefire was an Irish girl group, best known for their 2002 cover of the U2 song "All I Want Is You". They originally consisted of Kelly Kilfeather (born 23 March 1979), Tara Lee (born 25 July 1982), Cathy Newell (born 14 July 1982) and Ciara Newell (born 7 July 1983) and a fifth-member named Paula O Neill. They mostly performed pop and adult contemporary music. Outside Southeast Asia and their native Ireland, they have received minimal recognition, although they did experience minor success in the United Kingdom with their singles.

They first formed in 1999 (see 1999 in music), backstage at an audition for a boy-girl band in which Louis Walsh was a judge. According to the Irish Independent, Walsh was disappointed with the standard of male entrants and opted to sign a girl group instead. The intention was to aim towards a "a more mature niche in the pop market" than what was becoming the norm for vocal groups at the time.

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