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Bad4Good was a heavy metal band formed in 1991 by guitarist Steve Vai. The band was a quartet of teenagers, the oldest of whom was 16. The group was led by guitarist Thomas McRocklin, bassist Zack Young, drummer Brooks Wackerman, and singer Danny Cooksey. McRocklin had previously appeared in one of Vai's videos ("The Audience Is Listening"), Cooksey had a career as an actor, and Wackerman is the youngest brother of longtime Frank Zappa drummer Chad Wackerman.

Under Vai's guidance, the band released one album in 1992 called Refugee. The album was stunted by the wave of grunge metal overshadowing hard rock, although ripe with impressive guitar solos from the 12 year old McRocklin, and equally impressive talent from the other three boys, filled with sophomoric sexual innuendo and featuring the boys half naked in the album art, they gained a lot of young female fans, but not enough to keep the band from disbanding within two years.

Brooks Wackerman went on to play drums for Bad Religion, Zack Young sings for the band A.I., Cooksey has a successful career as a voice over artist, and McRocklin has been absent from the spotlight since the band's heyday, known only to say he was 'fed up' with the industry's obsessiveness with image over substance.

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