Agathocles - Miscellaneous Album

Artist: Agathocles

Genre: Rock

Album: Miscellaneous

Miscellaneous Lyrics Agathocles
1 Lay Off Me
2 Playing With Lifes
3 Progress or Stupidity ?
4 Proud To Be Out
5 Provoked Behaviour
6 Raw War
7 Razor Sharp Daggers
8 Reduced to an Object
9 Remember
10 Report
11 Reprezione
12 Robotized
13 Saturday-Night Swindle
14 Save Your Soul
15 Senseless Trip
16 Sentimental Hypocrisy
17 Sheer neglect
18 Pale
19 One-Way-Dead-End-Street
20 Let It Be For What It Is
21 Libidinous Urges
22 Life Control
23 Like An Ivy
24 Lunatic
25 Made Of Babies
26 Mankind's not Kind
27 Media Creations
28 Megalomanic Stupidity
29 Mutilated Regurgitator
30 My Reason
31 No One's Right
32 No Remorse
33 No Sign Of Unity
34 No Use...Hatred
35 No !
36 Sieg Shit
37 Siegshit
38 Smash To Nothingness
39 Thy Kingdom Won't Come
40 Thy Kingdome won't Come
41 Train
42 Triple murder flesh
43 Try !
44 Twisting History
45 Ubermensch Hilarity
46 Until it Bleeds
47 Useless Judgement
48 We Don't Need no Labels
49 Well of Hapiness
50 Well Of Happiness
51 What a Nerve
52 What Mankind Creates
53 Wir Fahren Geges Nazis
54 You Bet
55 Throwing Away Crap
56 Threshold To Senility
57 Snuff Is Not Tough
58 Solitary Minded
59 Splattered Brains
60 Squeeze
61 Squeeze Anton
62 Strangulation
63 Suffocation
64 Superiority Overdose
65 Swallow or Choke
66 Take A Piss
67 Thanks For Your Hostility
68 The Accident
69 The Aim Is The Same
70 The Tree
71 The Truth Begins, Where Man Stops To Think
72 Theatric Symbolisation of Life
73 Zero-Tolerance
74 Lack of Personality
75 A For Arrogance
76 Cheers Mankind Cheers
77 Chop Off Their Genitals
78 Clean the Scene
79 Consuming Endoderme Pus
80 Cracking up Solidarity
81 Crimilisation Of Strange Behaviour
82 Dare to be Aware
83 Dear Friends
84 Deserves to Die
85 Didn't Ask
86 Directed By The US
87 Distraction
88 Distrust and Abuse
89 Doctors Wished Me
90 Drug-Induced Fantasies
91 Ego-Generosity
92 Bureaucracy Versus Efficiency
93 Blackclouds Determinate
94 A Start at Least
95 About A Fascist
96 Age of the Mutans
97 Alexandra's end / outro
98 All Gone
99 All Love Dead
100 Alternative - Another Trend
101 An Abstract
102 Anthropodislogical
103 At Random
104 Autonomy Melts
105 Autumness
106 Bait Of The State
107 Bastard Breed (intro)/Scorn of Humanity
108 Be Your Own God
109 Black Ones (poem)/Systemophobic
110 End of the Line
111 Enough
112 Europe's Fairytale
113 He Cared
114 Here and Now
115 Hideous Head-Chopping
116 Hideous Headchopping
117 Hippie Cult
118 Hormon Mob
119 Intro / Cash Will Do The Job
120 Introtyl
121 Is it Really Mine ?
122 Is There a Place ?
123 Judged By Appearance
124 Kids For Cash
125 Kill your Fucking Idols
126 Kill Your Idols
127 Kiss an Ass
128 Knock Back
129 Hatronomous
130 Hatred is the Cure
131 Faded Novelty
132 Fear Not
133 Forced Pollution
134 Foul
135 Four Walls
136 Gear-Wheels
137 Get A Life
138 Get of your Ass
139 Get off your Ass
140 Go Fucking Nihilist
141 Gorgonised Dorks
142 Hand In Hand
143 Hangman's Dance
144 Hash-head, Farmers'Death
145 Hate-My Mate
146 Hatebirth
147 Labelisation
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Agathocles - Miscellaneous Album Lyrics
1.Lay Off Me Lyrics
2.Playing With Lifes Lyrics
3.Progress or Stupidity ? Lyrics
4.Proud To Be Out Lyrics
5.Provoked Behaviour Lyrics
6.Raw War Lyrics
7.Razor Sharp Daggers Lyrics
8.Reduced to an Object Lyrics
9.Remember Lyrics
10.Report Lyrics
11.Reprezione Lyrics
12.Robotized Lyrics
13.Saturday-Night Swindle Lyrics
14.Save Your Soul Lyrics
15.Senseless Trip Lyrics
16.Sentimental Hypocrisy Lyrics
17.Sheer neglect Lyrics
18.Pale Lyrics
19.One-Way-Dead-End-Street Lyrics
20.Let It Be For What It Is Lyrics
21.Libidinous Urges Lyrics
22.Life Control Lyrics
23.Like An Ivy Lyrics
24.Lunatic Lyrics
25.Made Of Babies Lyrics
26.Mankind's not Kind Lyrics
27.Media Creations Lyrics
28.Megalomanic Stupidity Lyrics
29.Mutilated Regurgitator Lyrics
30.My Reason Lyrics
31.No One's Right Lyrics
32.No Remorse Lyrics
33.No Sign Of Unity Lyrics
34.No Use...Hatred Lyrics
35.No ! Lyrics
36.Sieg Shit Lyrics
37.Siegshit Lyrics
38.Smash To Nothingness Lyrics
39.Thy Kingdom Won't Come Lyrics
40.Thy Kingdome won't Come Lyrics
41.Train Lyrics
42.Triple murder flesh Lyrics
43.Try ! Lyrics
44.Twisting History Lyrics
45.Ubermensch Hilarity Lyrics
46.Until it Bleeds Lyrics
47.Useless Judgement Lyrics
48.We Don't Need no Labels Lyrics
49.Well of Hapiness Lyrics
50.Well Of Happiness Lyrics
51.What a Nerve Lyrics
52.What Mankind Creates Lyrics
53.Wir Fahren Geges Nazis Lyrics
54.You Bet Lyrics
55.Throwing Away Crap Lyrics
56.Threshold To Senility Lyrics
57.Snuff Is Not Tough Lyrics
58.Solitary Minded Lyrics
59.Splattered Brains Lyrics
60.Squeeze Lyrics
61.Squeeze Anton Lyrics
62.Strangulation Lyrics
63.Suffocation Lyrics
64.Superiority Overdose Lyrics
65.Swallow or Choke Lyrics
66.Take A Piss Lyrics
67.Thanks For Your Hostility Lyrics
68.The Accident Lyrics
69.The Aim Is The Same Lyrics
70.The Tree Lyrics
71.The Truth Begins, Where Man Stops To Think Lyrics
72.Theatric Symbolisation of Life Lyrics
73.Zero-Tolerance Lyrics
74.Lack of Personality Lyrics
75.A For Arrogance Lyrics
76.Cheers Mankind Cheers Lyrics
77.Chop Off Their Genitals Lyrics
78.Clean the Scene Lyrics
79.Consuming Endoderme Pus Lyrics
80.Cracking up Solidarity Lyrics
81.Crimilisation Of Strange Behaviour Lyrics
82.Dare to be Aware Lyrics
83.Dear Friends Lyrics
84.Deserves to Die Lyrics
85.Didn't Ask Lyrics
86.Directed By The US Lyrics
87.Distraction Lyrics
88.Distrust and Abuse Lyrics
89.Doctors Wished Me Lyrics
90.Drug-Induced Fantasies Lyrics
91.Ego-Generosity Lyrics
92.Bureaucracy Versus Efficiency Lyrics
93.Blackclouds Determinate Lyrics
94.A Start at Least Lyrics
95.About A Fascist Lyrics
96.Age of the Mutans Lyrics
97.Alexandra's end / outro Lyrics
98.All Gone Lyrics
99.All Love Dead Lyrics
100.Alternative - Another Trend Lyrics
101.An Abstract Lyrics
102.Anthropodislogical Lyrics
103.At Random Lyrics
104.Autonomy Melts Lyrics
105.Autumness Lyrics
106.Bait Of The State Lyrics
107.Bastard Breed (intro)/Scorn of Humanity Lyrics
108.Be Your Own God Lyrics
109.Black Ones (poem)/Systemophobic Lyrics
110.End of the Line Lyrics
111.Enough Lyrics
112.Europe's Fairytale Lyrics
113.He Cared Lyrics
114.Here and Now Lyrics
115.Hideous Head-Chopping Lyrics
116.Hideous Headchopping Lyrics
117.Hippie Cult Lyrics
118.Hormon Mob Lyrics
119.Intro / Cash Will Do The Job Lyrics
120.Introtyl Lyrics
121.Is it Really Mine ? Lyrics
122.Is There a Place ? Lyrics
123.Judged By Appearance Lyrics
124.Kids For Cash Lyrics
125.Kill your Fucking Idols Lyrics
126.Kill Your Idols Lyrics
127.Kiss an Ass Lyrics
128.Knock Back Lyrics
129.Hatronomous Lyrics
130.Hatred is the Cure Lyrics
131.Faded Novelty Lyrics
132.Fear Not Lyrics
133.Forced Pollution Lyrics
134.Foul Lyrics
135.Four Walls Lyrics
136.Gear-Wheels Lyrics
137.Get A Life Lyrics
138.Get of your Ass Lyrics
139.Get off your Ass Lyrics
140.Go Fucking Nihilist Lyrics
141.Gorgonised Dorks Lyrics
142.Hand In Hand Lyrics
143.Hangman's Dance Lyrics
144.Hash-head, Farmers'Death Lyrics
145.Hate-My Mate Lyrics
146.Hatebirth Lyrics
147.Labelisation Lyrics

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